What’s Old is New

As an avid thrift store shopper, I have a number of tried and true shops I always hit up when seeking a vintage fix. However, one of my favorite spots to “shop” is right in my mother’s closet. Aside from the obvious financial benefit in shopping Mother Dearest’s closet, I find endless sentimental value in breathing new life into clothes my mother sported back in her heyday.

Tucked away in the depths of her closet are pieces she donned on some of her most joyous of days and the twinkle of nostalgia in her eyes upon my slipping into one of these impeccably-kept pieces is enough to get the waterworks going.

Earlier this year, I found this skirt in my mother’s closet that she purchased back in 1981… I was born in 1985, making it my senior!

If you have yet to shop your mother’s closet, I encourage you to take a look and see what treasures lie waiting to be rediscovered!

Can of Sardines

After working 12+ hours, I hopped on the bus, packed tightly like a can of sardines, for my commute back to West Hollywood. Beyond flustered, a few stops before mine, I decided to hop off and walk the rest of the way home. They say everything happens for a reason and lo and behold, before me was the coolest little shop I’d ever seen.

Lomography is a film photography company founded in Austria in the early ’90s. The shops- now world wide- offer an array of old school film cameras, Polaroids, video cameras ect. In addition to that, they offer amazing workshops to teach customers how to properly master the original art of  photography. You know, the one that existed before the introduction of digital cameras and instant uploads.

Once I locked eyes on the La Sardina, I knew this baby had to be mine. Made from a repurposed sardine can, how ironic was it that I only discovered this gem because I was sick of being packed on my bus ride like a can of sardines.

Camera also available online.

This is how I picture myself running around tow with camera in tow.  Admit it, her nerd swag is turned all the way up!

I am very excited about trying my hand at photography but as anyone who knows me well knows, I’m completely obsessed with something one day and have zero interest in it the next.  I find that putting pen to paper and writing down my desires does wonders for my level of commitment to my personal goals. So here I am, publicly committing myself to pursuing this hobby with fervor. Wish me luck!