Issa Rae Has Done it Again

By now, if you haven’t heard of Issa Rae, the name behind the absolute genius that is The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, it’s time to come out from under the rock you have been living under. The award-winning webisode chronicles the adventures of Issa Rae’s character Jay, as she attempts to navigate through life, love and all things awkward.  I instantly fell in love with ABG after seeing myself in practically every scene from Season 1. It still remains to be seen whether Season 2 will be as big a knockout as the first season. However, Issa Rae has done it again today with the first installment of RATCHETPIECE Theatre, a bi-weekly vlog that “highlights some of [her] favorite ratchet songs, from past to present.”

Enjoy, and thank me later!