Beyonce: Countdown toTouchdown

Beyonce Set To Hit Stage At Superbowl 2013 Halftime Beyonce Snags Entire Halftime Slot At Super Bowl XLVII


Beyonce is back at it again! She’s just announced that she will be performing at the Super Bowl XLVII Half Time Show. I wonder if she will collaborate with Jay Z or the rest of the Destiny’s Child crew. Can’t wait to find out! While I will likely won’t be watching much of the game, I will be glued to the TV for this performance of a lifetime!!

Sneak Peek Inside Solange’s Brooklyn Pad

Those of you who have been reading my blog regularly (I love you, by the way!) are well aware of my unwavering love for Solange. That being said, I was absolutely thrilled about her feature in the September issue of Elle magazine, where she provided readers with a sneak peek into her Brooklyn pad.

As you can imagine, SoSo’s home is a perfect reflection of her urban eclecticism. Describing how her personal style inspired her home decor, she states:

I had a moment when I looked at my closet and I was like ‘Whoa, I don’t really have any basics. And with my house, I wanted to find a balance of having great colors and patterns but also a really livable, warm, serene space.

Check out the images from the five page spread:



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Beyonce Teams Up with United Nations

As if I needed another reason to adore Beyonce?! She’s teamed up with the United Nations on a global campaign, dubbed I Was Here. The campaign seeks to encourage global activism by getting 1 billion people worldwide  involved in World Humanitarian Day, held on August 19th.

Check out Beyonce’s video campaign:

She graced the United Nations with her presence on Friday to promote the campaign. What’s not to love about these images?

I applaud Beyonce for her efforts in influencing change and shining a light on oft-overlooked social issues.

For more information, go to

Beyonce’s Tumblr

Ever since I caught news of Beyonce’s Tumblr, following the birth of Baby Carter, I have been following stalking her page. These glimpses into her private life are far and few and I, for one, relish in every one of them. Here are the latest additions to her site:

Source: via Joana on Pinterest

Serioulsy, what’s not to love about this?! Bey and Jay forever!

I guess I’ve made my girl crush on Bey abundantly clear now.

Beyonce.Solange.Blue Ivy.

Just the other day, I was having a conversation with my friend about how enamored I was with Solange’s summer box braids and that she was not just Beyonce’s little sister, but a budding fashion icon in her own right.

We were also discussing how awesome it would be if Beyonce would follow suit and rock a more natural hairstyle. So imagine my elation when these pictures surfaced on the internet today!


They even managed to get a sneak peek of baby Carter’s sweet little face. Fuzzy, I know, but I believe it was a covert operation.

Those cheeks! I die!