Old School Reggae Playlist

Impromptu nights out are always the most fun. Last Friday, while waltzing around Hollywood Blvd, I strolled into Gingerbay Cafe. Upon stepping foot inside this little-known Jamaican dive bar, I felt like I was miraculously transported to the island of paradise. The music, people and food were all authentically Caribbean.

In addition to a live band that mastered renditions of some of the greatest island hits, throughout the night while the band took breaks, old school reggae music videos played. These took me waaay back, I’m talking pre-training bra days!

Take a stroll down memory lane with these reggae classics.

Patra featuring YoYo: Romantic Call (1993)

Shabba Ranks: Mr. Lover Man (1992)

Snow: Anything for You (1995)

Chaka Demus and Pliers: Murder She Wrote (1993)

Terror Fabulous Featuring Nadine Sutherland (1993)

Look Out Nicky Minaj!

I like to give credit where credit is due.

I came across Honey Cocaine while browsing through Youtube a few months back.

With an ever-growing fan base, this Toronto-born, Cambodian rapper is destined to be the next great female MC. Discovered by Tyga earlier this year, after posting a remake of his song, Rack City, on Youtube, she’s been the First Lady of Last Kings ever since.

Her gritty lyrics/pretty smile combo makes her an artist you won’t quickly forget and while I definitely dig her raw talent and swag appeal, my only reservation is her less than tasteful stage name.

Look out Nicky Minaj!


Check out my favorite Honey Cocaine H.C. bangers

Fast forward to 1:10 for H.C’s hook.

Green Monster Smoothie

A few months ago, on the hunt for a practical way to introduce raw foods into my diet, I came across the green smoothie craze, by way of greensmoothiegirl.com. These fruit and veggie blends offer an easy and delicious way of increasing raw food intake.

The well-documented benefits of raw food consumption include improved digestion and radical increases in energy levels. In addition, over time raw food diets decrease junk food cravings, thereby naturally improving skin and hair health.

After some trial and error, I came up with my favorite recipe.

– 1 chopped fully ripened banana
– 1 chopped peach
– 1 handful of strawberries
– 2 handfuls of spinach
– ½ of a chopped cucumber (optional)
– splash of your choice of milk (I’m an almond milk girl, myself)
– 2 large spoonfuls of plain yogurt

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend. If it isn’t smooth you can add more milk or yogurt.

Finished product= yummy green goodness!

I also found this handy Green Smoothie recipe guide on Pinterest to help you devise your very own favorite green smoothie blend.

Lululemon Yoga

If you’re like me, by the end of the week you’re desperately looking to clear your mind and replenish your inner zen. What better way is there to mitigate work-related stress than to partake in a yoga class? If you agree, then have I got a treat for you!

Every Sunday, Lululemon stores  push their merchandise to the side and temporarily turn their space into a yoga studios, complete with yoga mats and all. The class, led by local yoga instructors, is absolutely free of charge!  I had the opportunity to join a class a few Sundays ago in Santa Monica and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This best kept secret is available at Lululemon stores nationwide. Find your local store info here.

FYI: While I hesitate to spend $100+ on  Lululemon yoga pants, I have a dear friend that absolutely swears by them.

Annual Miami Spa Month

The 5th Annual Miami Spa Month is upon us and I will be back to my home town right in time to indulge! In true epicurean fashion, one of my oldest and dearest friends has invited me to celebrate her birthday with a spa date at Lapis, the spa at the Fountainebleau. For those of you that are not familiar, the Fountainebleau is the creme de la creme of hotels. World renown for its top of the line spa services and venue, I am sure this MUCH needed spa date will not disappoint.

Swooning at the thought of slipping into the mineral pool after my spa treatment.

This outdoor pool area is everything!

If you are in town make sure to take advantage of these premier spa deals that only come around once in a blue moon. All treatments are priced at $99. For a complete list of participating spas,  click here.