Old School Reggae Playlist

Impromptu nights out are always the most fun. Last Friday, while waltzing around Hollywood Blvd, I strolled into Gingerbay Cafe. Upon stepping foot inside this little-known Jamaican dive bar, I felt like I was miraculously transported to the island of paradise. The music, people and food were all authentically Caribbean.

In addition to a live band that mastered renditions of some of the greatest island hits, throughout the night while the band took breaks, old school reggae music videos played. These took me waaay back, I’m talking pre-training bra days!

Take a stroll down memory lane with these reggae classics.

Patra featuring YoYo: Romantic Call (1993)

Shabba Ranks: Mr. Lover Man (1992)

Snow: Anything for You (1995)

Chaka Demus and Pliers: Murder She Wrote (1993)

Terror Fabulous Featuring Nadine Sutherland (1993)

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