Beyonce.Solange.Blue Ivy.

Just the other day, I was having a conversation with my friend about how enamored I was with Solange’s summer box braids and that she was not just Beyonce’s little sister, but a budding fashion icon in her own right.

We were also discussing how awesome it would be if Beyonce would follow suit and rock a more natural hairstyle. So imagine my elation when these pictures surfaced on the internet today!


They even managed to get a sneak peek of baby Carter’s sweet little face. Fuzzy, I know, but I believe it was a covert operation.

Those cheeks! I die!

6 thoughts on “Beyonce.Solange.Blue Ivy.

    • I agree, everything looks good on Solange!I do wish Beyonce would rock natural looks more often though. It’s a shame she is always wearing those straight blonde weaves.

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